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Amnesty International Adverts & Commercials Archive

Anti-Child Trafficking, 4

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Credits & Description:

Category: Public Interest, NGO
Media: Print
Brand: Amnesty International
Geo: Singapore
Art Director / Copywriter: Jay Liu
Published: August 2017
What is seemingly a print-fault upon the first impression of this insert swiftly draws the audiences’ attention to the text left exposed intentionally. Intrigued, they are then invited to force-open the advertisement, which then reveals the campaign’s message of anti-children trafficking for Amnesty International. Juxtaposed with a gripping image that resembles a group of trafficked kids, the idea suggests the reality of how these events are being conducted under the radar.
Your decisive act might prevent these children from such stealthy abductions.

The Print Ad titled Anti-Child Trafficking, 4 was done for brand: Amnesty International in Singapore. It was released in the Aug 2017.
Advertiser: Amnesty International
Brand name: Amnesty International
Country: Singapore
Category: Human Rights
Released: August 2017

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