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American Legacy Foundation Adverts & Commercials Archive

Gun Store

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Credits & Description:

Advertising Agency, City: ARNOLD, Boston
Country: USA
Advertising Agency, City: ARNOLD, Boston
Country: USA
2nd Advertising Agency, City: CRISPIN PORTER + BOGUSKY, Miami
Country: USA
Executive Creative Director: Pete Favat/Alex Bogusky
Creative Director: John Kearse/Tom Adams
Copywriter: Marc Einhorn/Alex Russell/Evan Fry
Art Director: Mike Costello/John Parker
Agency Producer: Rupert Samuel/Chris Kyriakos
Account Supervisor: Paul Nelson/Kate Thomson/Allison Begin
Advertiser's Supervisor: Mary Sullivan
Production Company, City: VICE FILMS, Brooklyn
Country: USA
Producer: Monica Hampton/Ben Dietz/Jim Czarencki/James Blom
Director: Eddy Moretti
D.O.P/Lighting Cameraman: Geoffrey O'Connor
Editor: Aaron Langley
Sound Design/Arrangement: Sound Lounge
Post Production: Riot NY
Synopsis Big Tobacco labels their cigarettes with things like ultra-light, light, and low-tar, even though they can be as deadly and addictive as regular cigarettes. Offering a light death alternative must be standard procedure in the world of deadly product marketing. So, by this logic, gun companies must offer a light bullet... maybe one that just hits someone but doesn't harm them. To find out, Derrick visits a series of gun stores and asks the people behind the counters if they've ever heard of such a thing. But to their collective knowledge, nothing of the sort exists. So, Big Tobacco, whudafxup?

The Design & Branding titled Gun Store was done by Arnold Worldwide Boston advertising agency for product: American Legacy Foundation - Truth (brand: American Legacy Foundation) in United States. It was released in the Apr 2008.

Advertising campaign: "American Legacy Foundation (Truth)"


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