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Incorrect world map

Advertising campaign: "Absolut (In an Absolut world)"

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Released: April 2008
Advertiser: Pernod Ricard
Brand name: Absolut
Product: Absolut Vodka
Agency: Teran\TBWA Mexico
Country: Mexico
Category: Vodka

Credits & Description:

The billboard and press campaign, created by advertising agency Teran\TBWA and now running in Mexico, is a colorful map depicting what the Americas might look like in an "Absolut" -- i.e., perfect -- world.

The U.S.-Mexico border lies where it was before the Mexican-American war of 1848 when California, as we now know it, was Mexican territory and known as Alta California.

The Print Ad titled Mexico was done by Teran\TBWA Mexico advertising agency for product: Absolut Vodka (brand: Absolut) in Mexico. It was released in the Apr 2008.

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Incorrect world map